Whetherday is sellers of specialists power tools operating from a unit on the outskirts of Northamptonshire. This is their very first website as this is a brand new venture. No pressure!


There was a very clear and specific requirement from the client for us to build an ecommerce website for them to allow them to sell their products online to buyers all over the UK. We had to create a brand for Whetherday from scratch (minus their logo).

We discovered early on that one of our biggest challenges would be migrating in the products to to online store as there are over 2000 each with a multitude of variations and attributes.


We decided early on to focus on the data for this project as knew that the initial volume would need a lot of thought and expertise pulling in data from another source.

While we were working the manufactures and the data we got to work on the design and aesthetics of the website, so we got stuck in and started pulling together designs for the client to see and approve.


The website is everything the client wanted and more. We pulled in every ounce of data required from the suppliers and created a great looking website too.