Purely Raw

Some good friends of ours at an agency ‘up north’ The Forge Digital approached us they challenged us to design a brand new look and feel for their client (Purely Raw) while they concentrated on building the backend of the shop and working directly with the client. Here is what we come up with…


A brand new look and feel for Purely Raw was in order but to try and keep within the parameters of the colours they have been using for their marketing collateral over the past few years.

The brand change couldn’t be too radical but needed to have a complete overhaul to ensure that not only would it be instantly recognisable to their existing loyal customers but appeal to a whole new wider audience who had not heard of Purely Raw prior to the rebrand. 


The first thing we did was profile the client. We spent some time on where they were based, the type of customers that were buying from them currently and the explored on opening this up to the wider audience and what would appeal to them.

One thing we decided on very early was that the design had to be really easy to use and intuitive to the user. The client had already had a logo and in all honesty we liked it to so we based the tone off of that by using playful fonts and icons throughout.

One of the biggest challenges was fusing together the green and blue as their main brand colours as that was their only request. Playing with lots of tones we finally found a sweet combination that works with their logo and allowed to us use the combinations across the site with ease.


The client was over the moon with the designs we produced and as this was a challenging piece to get right with the loyalty of the existing customer base and the palette of colours. One of the key things we achieved here was simplifying the navigations and click areas as the previous website was fairly confusing and no real thought in link placement. We are proud to say that we love the atheistic and more importantly the client loves it and so do their customers.