Web Design


Medical Aid International (Medaid for short) approached us as they required a major facelift and new website design on their existing website. The client leaned on us for our expertise as they could imagine what they wanted while we brought it all to life…


Medaid required a new website to greatly increase their online presence and showcase the work they do across rural Africa. The website had to be easy to use and update, so we opted to use WordPress as the content management system which allowed the team to edit and update the pages with ease.

The website pages would remain the same from the existing website with the exception of having a total design overhaul in line with the brand facelift.

The client wished to have an additional feature of a global map which pinpoints the countries where Medaid carries out their work, this was going to be a challenge as on paper it is seemingly a simple task yet it had to be really intuitive for the user to update.


We were fortunate enough to have been supplied with all of the content across all of the pages. So the first thing we did was dive straight into the design and get down to business. the core colour of Medaid is a specific blue they use across all of their marketing collateral along with the amber, pink and yellow. This palette was fairly challenging but we made the decision early on to use these colours sparingly and use plenty of white space and great imagery.


Once we produced the designed to the client they were very excited to see our work come to life. The client was particularly excited about the world map we had created as this was a feature they never had before. We are always evolving the website and working closely with Medaid, they are a great client and a lovely team of people.