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We offer a plethora of advice and support for WordPress. Are you stuck and it is preventing your project from moving forward? Or are you seeking advice on how to approach a specific task? We will have an answer or solution that is just right for you.

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So you decided to go in at it alone? WordPress is super user friendly if you are looking to setup a blog and a few simple pages with an ‘off-the-shelf’ theme. But sometimes, just sometimes you want or need to get WordPress doing something other than the norm and you spend hours upon hours looking for a solution and either give up or installing a handful of plugins and finding that the end result isn’t quite what you wanted!

That’s where we come to the rescue! We are devout WordPress experts that can provide you with that vital support to get your project off the ground and running!

WordPress issues we can assist you with


Migrating or moving a WordPress website for the 1st or 100th time never seems to get any less nerve-wracking! We will walk and talk you through the process having that peace of mind that you won’t lose all of your files and data.


Caching is one of the many important parts of your website. It not only speeds up the load time for the user it will keep Google happy too. Setting up a caching plugin isn’t an easy job and can be overwhelming at times.


So you have installed your favourite SEO plugin but are then presented with tonnes of options to configure. We are here to help you and walk you through all of the important parts of what you need to configure and why.


Having your website locked down is paramount. WordPress sadly has a stigma attached to it by not being secure (Pssst – That’s a bit of a lie) the reason why WordPress websites are compromised is often lack of security measures and easy to guess admin passwords.


Site speed is one of the major flags for both good SEO and great user experience. We can advise and diagnose what will be slowing your website down and assist with making it rapid. This will not only please search engines but more importantly, new & existing users.


Good hosting is at the heart of your WordPress website. Often we see restrictive hosting that will cause scaling problems as your website and business grows. We can advise on who we believe are the best hosts for your solution as each case is different.


Installing WordPress for the first time can sometimes be a daunting and stressful process if you have never done it before or are new to development. We are here to walk you through the process so you will confident the next time you need to installed WordPress.


Planning the structure is the key to a successful website. The structure forms how the user is able to navigate around with ease and no confusion. Equally, for SEO purposes a well structured website will help your website outrank your competitors.


Are you stumped with a problem that you simply can’t figure out? Or are looking for bespoke development for a neat new feature that doesn’t come by way of a plugin? We are on hand to help out find the correct solution for these kind of problems.

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