A Women’s Guide: The F Word in Tech Industries

19th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

The F-Word.

We're not talking about THAT f-word. Today we're talking about equality for women, in the tech work place. In 2018 we saw a huge feminist movement, especially in social media. Women are no longer happy, with the way companies are conducting business. Men dominate the high pay grade jobs, whilst leaving women lonely at the top. So why aren't there many women in the tech industries? Do they feel too intimidated by the male-dominated offices? Is it due to encouragement to pursue certain pathways at a school level? Or is it simply that most women aren't that interested?

Fight For What You Want.

Growing up in a majority male family, I learned from an early age you really have to fight for what you want. Even down to the last Quality Street at Christmas. I feel this has given myself a slight edge when it comes to business, especially when it comes to managing in a male-dominated team. So for the girls out there who weren't so lucky to grow up in a similar situation, maybe they're not equipped with this fight and shy away from situations where they need to take the lead.

Tech In Education.

Tech plays a much more important role in children's lives than it did even 10 years ago, every child now has the latest iPhone and tablets at home. This is just a basic standard now. So maybe this will encourage girls to take more of an interest when it comes to developing this tech, there are more classes built around this subject (unlike the prehistoric IT lessons spent making a bookmark on publisher I experienced). If the subject is encouraged from an early age, then regardless of sex there should be equal opportunities.


But what if the majority of young women just aren't that interested in the 'workings' of tech? Events like today's #Unbound event is a good start to changing this. The conference showcased innovation in tech and in particular a focus on female founders. If we keep showing young girls these inspiring women, maybe it will attract a new generation of CEOs and founders to develop in the tech industry. Re-educating them to change the way women are viewed in high powered careers, although that is a whole other subject!   Women in Tech #UnboundLND