What is 5G and how will it affect me?

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You may have heard about 5G over the past few months and have wondered what all the hype is about, we are here to tell you a about a few of the benefits and why it is important to keep in the know.

From a business perspective, for some, it’s almost out of reach to set up a small business with all of the massive overheads such as reliable fast internet, the location of your business premise revolved around your internet speeds (especially if you work in the digital space), telecommunication fees and the list goes on.

From a personal aspect, 5G just means that you will witness noticeable differences in speed, especially for those who live in perhaps ‘rural’ areas where Broadband speeds are on the slow side. We explain some of the advantages below.

But now with the emergence of 5G due to hit the UK in various location in 2019 and aiming to be fully integrated in 2020 a whole array of opportunity will emerge for businesses of all sizes across the world. Let’s dive into some of the key benefits:-



We all want faster internet speeds. Fact. We still have that primal instinct of ‘mine is bigger than yours’, especially in the digital sector. But beyond the bravado, it really is ever important that speed is one of the most important factors here. Speed is critical in our everyday lives and even more so when 5G emerges into tech we had never dreamed possible.

5G will be integrated into our cars to reduce accidents by being reactive to certain situations. The tech will also allow for faster video streaming, no longer will you have to sit and wait for that ‘buffer’ that totally turns you off from what you are trying to watch and leaves you in a foul mood. so as you can see, the faster our connections become, the more versatile it becomes thus opening up a whole host of new tech and systems.


Believe it or not, the cost of this new tech should overall make the cost of a hyper speed internet connection a touch more affordable. Why? How? Well, 5G isn’t reliant on the hardware we all have and use in our offices and homes, its software based. So do away with those horrid plastic routers that often fall behind the tv or kicked around in the office.


Aforementioned along with speed is a requirement for reliability – there is nothing more annoying than not having a poor internet connection, I think that is more annoying than not having one at all, at least I know where I stand! #firstworldproblems.

On a serious note here, with the expected ultra-reliable service 5G promises to deliver, this is extremely important when you think about where 5G is to be placed and us human being putting our trust into the tech, for instance in your cars and homes to be reactive to not knocking a person down or your home CCTV not dropping out if there was an intruder.

We intentionally kept this post very light and to the point. We will be doing a series of posts as the tech gets nearer to becoming an every day tech. Stay tuned!

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