The Importance of Responsive Web Design

25th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

What is RWD (Responsive Web Design)?

When we say ‘Responsive Web Design’ this isn’t just making sure the content fits on the desired display, it goes far beyond that. We will explain the importance beyond aesthetics and focus on the impact this has on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

The Facts

According to the latest figures (Last 12 months) show that over 53% of users globally are using mobile devices over both desktop and tablet. Desktop still is weighing in at over 43% and tablet with a lackluster 3.85%. There are no signs of this changing too much anytime soon.


This goes to show that there is no escaping this, more importantly, when choosing your web design agency you will know the importance of RWD and you will know that they have a mobile-first approach to your solution. 


There are now so many ranking factors when it comes to having a responsive website which if not put in place again could hinder you rather than a benefit.

Top Tip!

Reducing your image size is easy and can be done without hiring in the pros! This is easily achieved if your website is built in Wordpress, simply install a plugin like WpSmush or EWWW Image Optimizer to name a few.


You also easily modify your own images either using an online tool or if you are handy with Photoshop there are options to compress your images whilst maintaining the quality.


Image optimisation is all part of responsible responsive web design because not only will you benefit from the speed of your website but you are also keeping your users happy by not eating up all of their precious data (Also, reduce your bounce rate!)


What's next?

Consider contacting your web designer or digital partner to address this immediately, there is no time to waste because the longer it is left the worse your DA (Domain Authority) could get.


To put it simply, your business will essentially fall by the wayside and will be barely visible in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) if your website is not mobile friendly.


If you are unsure and need some advice, get in touch with us today if you want us to do a quick health check on your current website so we can advise on what do to next.