The best tutorial website to learn Php 2018

28th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

We have narrowed down the best tutorial website in 2018 for any level of developer to learn new techniques and those just looking for a refresher specifically for Php. We have chosen this resource based on our own experiences and what we have learned from it and taken away over the last couple of years.

And the Winner is ... Codecourse

Formerly known as Php Academy. Codecourse was a series of Php videos found on their YouTube channel uploaded by creator Alex Garrett-Smith. With his continued passion, own learning and knowledge and the support of the community, Alex now finds himself in the position of still producing first-class video resources spanning across a number of frameworks and development tools but mainly focusing on Php helping hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of developers around the world on a daily basis.

The biggest factor was the sheer quality and execution of what Alex produces, it is quite evident that he invests a serious amount of his own time not only creating and editing the videos but having to keep himself ahead of the game and ultimately remain motivated to do this. It is a testament to him and why the Php community has so much respect for him - Keep it up bro!

This is a genuine post with no affiliation, influence or sponsorship from the guy's over at Codecourse or Alex himself (He probably doesn't even realise we have written it). We just felt it necessary to pay homage to a genuinely nice guy who keeps on delivering time and time again.

You can find a whole array() of courses on Codecourse, from getting started with vanilla Php right the way through to advanced techniques within the Laravel framework. More often than not, our developers hit up Codecourse if they are ever stuck, or just need a little reminder on how to perform certain tasks.

If you haven't already, make sure you head over there and get learning something new today!