Stormzy delivered 5G like a boss!

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So, 5G arrived in style at a Stormzy gig which was being live-streamed from a boat on the Thames. What a way to make an entrance huh!

It was Stormzy who delivered the stream at his gig but it is actually EE who is the only existing provider at this moment in time. What we do know that is Vodafone is looking to do a rollout in the next few weeks.

There is one drawback… You will likely need a new handset on a new tariff (with some beefy data) as 5G requires enabled device to take advantage of the new tech and will EAT UP your data in no time!

Currently, 5G is only available in a handful of locations Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester but there are more to come. The last thing we want to happen is a full rollout and it doesn’t work… 😳

There have been a few questions recently about how safe 5G is but according to ‘experts’ we are being told that there has been no evidence of potential risks that they know of, but the same was being asked at the inception of WiFi and mobile internet services.

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As with everything people will always worry about the potential health risks associated to technology, like putting spoons in a microwave, or putting a handset on each ear and worrying about the waves passing through your brain. Fear not! We won’t all suddenly drop down in a mass exodus – studies have shown that there is no further evidence to suggest that there are any health warnings attached.

Source: “There has been no evidence to suggest that electromagnetic waves from mobile phones and networks are bad for your health,” says Prof Malcolm Sperrin, Director of the Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The snippet was sourced from the BBC website

I don’t know about you but we are MEGA excited to get our hands on 5G, no more annoying buffering on videos and MUCH faster upload speeds. It does open itself up to new and emerging tech that was out of reach with the existing limitations on connection speeds. You can read more about “What is 5G and how will it affect me“.

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