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Social Media: Expectations vs Reality

9th January 2019

The Idea.

So you have an amazing idea for social media. It’s going to go viral, blow up the internet and make you the next big time influencer. You have visions of your account going global, the next household name.

You spend the God knows how long creating the perfect post, chuckling to yourself at your wit/humour/brilliance as you write the content and wonder…”how could anyone not love this?”. You’re going to take the internet by storm.


The magical moment arrives, your finger hovers over the post button. You second guess yourself…”maybe this isn’t a great idea…what if it flops? Nah of course it won’t, it’s brilliant.”

You hit post and wait.

And wait.

And wait.


The next few days are torture, as you watch the likes crawl in and the odd few followers come (and often go again). Your confidence takes a hit, maybe you’re not as funny/witty/brilliant/all of the above as you initially thought.

Stop! Social media is a minefield, and jumping in is akin to war…be prepared to battle and work damn hard. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

Sometimes social media isn’t enough to reach your audience, there are other ways to connect, such as interactive marketing. This really gets users involved in a campaign, check out how Coca-Cola used it across all the media to get their media to get people excited about their products.

An amazing example of an Interactive Campaign!

Don’t Sweat It.

Let’s take a moment to be serious, we have some great tips for you to get started. Don’t let the lack of response spoil your enthusiasm…keep going! Social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

Here’s some of our tips;

  • Be consistent, this is tried and tested. Users are greedy for new information and lose interest very quick.
  • Be fresh, research the latest news or products in your industry.
  • Be yourself, 2019 is the year of authenticity. People want a real look into your life and business…the good, bad and the downright ugly.
  • Most of all…have fun! Try not to take it all too seriously, social media is forever changing. Most viral media just posted the right content at the right time.

Check out this page for more bespoke marketing ideas, or drop us a message if you have an idea, I’m positive we can make it reality. Lastly, join us on our social media for more ideas and remember…like and share! (shameless plug right here).

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