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Simple SEO tips 2019

5th January 2019

There are some simple tricks you can do to help the SEO for your website. At first glance SEO can be daunting and leave you wondering where to even begin.

Here you will find a handful of ways that you can easily ramp up your SEO and website visibility across the web with some easy to do hints and tips that anybody can do with little effort.

Google Business Listing

If you havnt already, make sure that you have setup a Google business listing.

1: It’s FREE

The biggest draw is that the service is totally free. All you have to do is sign up and verify the address. How easy was that?

2: Search Visibility

It is said that is will aid your search visibility by giving your business another chance at appearing in the SERPS of the Google My Business listings section.

3: Expanded Information

The listing will aid searchers looking for information regarding the website address, social media links, physical location, opening hours, telephone numbers and email address.

4: Reviews

Giving the opportunity for searchers to read and leave reviews on your products or services. Reviews are vital for those who seek assurance when wanting to potentially buy from you or utilise the services you have on offer.

5: Trust

By having the listing gives searchers a sense of trust when looking for services that your business has to offer. It is more likely they will engage with you over a competitor who does not have a business listing.

Website content

Content is King. You must have heard this phrase? It is actually more than just some buzz statement and is actually true. Google loves fresh content.

However, there is a distinct difference between fresh content and fresh quality content.

Make sure that time is taken when writing content for new posts or pages but also take a look over existing page content and update them if services or products have changed or updated.

Google site speed

There is a really simple way to check how your website is performing on both mobile and desktop browsing. You can easily do this yourself for free without any prior knowledge using the Googles PageSpeed insights tool.

The tool gives you information on how fast the website loads & various ways you can shave off those precious seconds to ensure you do not lose any potential business.

Hint: A faster website is a green flag for helping a website rank better but it also decreases the environmental impact it is having by having the servers work less. Yay!

Google Analytics

Make time to review the analytics of a website as this gives you the true insight on how users are finding your website and what they are doing when they arrive.

This is crucially important because you can tweak and improve various aspects of your website to drive your users to the areas where you want them to engage or buy.

Next Steps…

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