The Brief

The client required us to undertake a full rebrand of their existing website. The website had to be appealing to a specific niche of the user because of the target market.

The Approach

We decided from the offset that due to the sensativity of this subject matter we had to design a website that would be attractive and appealing by undertaking a process of creating a soft palletethat would work on a variety of devices from desktop to mobile

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we face during the project was the sheer volume of information and content that was required to be displayed across each of the pages. This design required some really creative thinking in terms of how each of the pages would be laid out to ensure the user can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.

The Result

The client was over the moon with the execution of the design we had carried out. We provided them with a detailed design for every key area of the website including all of the main information pages plus the shop views and blogs. Because we develop our own websites and solutions we know all of the parameters within web development so the client could easily build the website from the designs we had produced.