The Brief

Medaid approached us looking for a ‘brand-refresh’. They specifically wanted a brand new website that was in line with all of their marketing collateral and more importantly easy to use and manage and also last the test of time.

The Approach

The first job we had to do was dive deep into the existing content and assets. This took some time as there were some real juicy bits of information that we certainly didn’t want to lose in the transition. We then had to think on the most effective way to ‘refresh’ the brand without moving away from it. This was challenging…

The Challenge

The key to this whole refresh was to attract new users who were not aware of the work carried out by Medaid, so we had to make sure this message was clear and also unique to these guys. We went through many rounds of design to land back up with strong use of imagery (Their own photography – untouched) and clear strong wording across every page.

One of the more difficult parts from the design aspect was to make use of their existing brand colours, but because they are blue, pink, yellow and orange this could have easily led to a real garish looking website. We used the colours as keys and used them sparingly but in main areas of interest to ensure they are in focus but also to lead the user.

The Result

The guys over at Medaid are smitten with the new website, it not only looks great it is super easy to maintain as we built it on a custom made WordPress theme just for them.

We are pleased as punch to have had the chance to work with Medaid just based on what they do and stand for. Please take a moment to appreciate the cause and contact them if you can help them in any way at all.