Whetherday Limited

Whetherday Limited

Project Overview

Lee at Whetherday Limited approached us by way of a referred contact. Whetherday are a brand new company looking for a robust e-commerce solution to sell pneumatic power tools online in this high demand space.

After a couple of discovery meetings with Lee we established what they needed from the website, as this is a brand new venture and company with no brand we had to be realistic in the clients expectations from the outside and ensure they understand that it would be a long process from an SEO standpoint – the client was happy with our expertise and clear explanations.

The biggest challenge we faced with the project was obtaining all of the products that where going to be sold. Thankfully the manufacturer allowed us to plugin to their database by way of an API and pulled in the products we needed with all of the images and data.

Overall, the client is happy with the website and we are continually working with Whetherday to try and muscle into a fairly competitive market.

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