The Challenge

We wanted to create an internal campaign in an effort to create awareness about the services we offer by way of something we are interested in and also a topic that is hot and relevant.

What we did

We took a snapshot of some major events that would be happening towards the end of the year that would give us enough time to develop the interactive marketing piece and create all of the content and campaign material to follow. Fortunately for us, the Wilder v Fury fight fell at the perfect time! Not only is this going to be one of the most talked about events of the year but also for a long time after. We set out to make content that is hot on the press but can also stand the test of time. We decided to create a timeline of the coined phrase 'The Man Who Beat the Man'. The interactive is a timeline that shows who and when boxers from times gone by held this prestigious title.

See it in action

Take a tour of the interactive below and don't forget to cast your vote!