Is Laravel the future of web development?

29th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

Developers all around the world have had no hesitations on switching over to the Php framework, Laravel.

If you know, you know

The framework was developed by Taylor Otwell and officially released in June 2011 (According to Wikipedia) and it has taken the developer world like a wildfire and growing rapidly even to this day. There was a recent poll conducted on Twiter by @kalessil showing that an astonishing 61% of over 5,400 voters where using Laravel over long-established Php frameworks out there.

Laravel Poll Twiter

But why?

Taylor hasn't created a new language or even conducted some brainwashing magic amongst the Php community. He has simply built a well thought out, scalable yet flexible framework that even as an entry-level developer could get their teeth into and build something exciting. Laravel is just an extraordinary well put together environment and to be explicit a remarkable piece of engineering in software development.

The Community

For such a long time developers have been painted as these guys who sit in basements under a dim light coding into the wee hours being fueled by coffee and energy drinks listening to high octane rock music.

Things have changed. The entire landscape of development has suddenly become cool, developers are now rockstars themselves for once, they are the cool ones.

Taylor hasn't just built a framework, he has created a culture, a movement if you will. There are communities popping up all over the world on all social platforms and also Slack. There is a very popular group among Laravellers in the UK - Laravel UK

He is quite remarkable in the sense that he is able to maintain not only the framework but also the entire suite of services he offers: Forge, EnvoyerHorizon, Lumen, & Spark - and on top of all of this, there are also the Laracon Conferences and Workshops being organised across the globe. Hats off Taylor and your team.

This post was never intended to go into any technical benefits from one framework to another or Php vs another langauge. It was more to demonstrate really how one man has changed the playing field for developers new and old.

So I go back to the original posting title, 'Is Laravel the future of web development?' It has to be, right?