How much does a website cost?

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This is the single biggest question we get asked on a daily basis from curiosity and also from prospecting business. The honest answer is, We don’t know yet…

What do you mean ‘We don’t know yet…?’

Well, consider this, you buy and empty plot of land and say to the builders “Can you tell me how much this will cost?” the reaction you are going to get is much the same from us – how many rooms does your the house need? Do you want a garage? A Swimming pool, the list goes on… There are so many factors involved which we are going to talk about here:

Type of website:

Are you wanting a single landing page designed to drive traffic and lead generate new business by way of a chatbot or contact form or good old fashioned pick up the phone and call? Despite the build time being considerably lesser than a larger project, this requires a lot of fo attention to detail and clever CTA (Call to Actions) to ensure that this single site gets people engaging. On the flip side, if you were looking to have a full-blown e-commerce website built you know right off the bat there is going to be a considerable difference in cost.

Expected Traffic

If you are starting out and have no online presence at all it is going to take some serious investment in both time and money to start getting noticed. Regardless of the size of the website or how many pages are expected, an important decision in having a website is who will be maintaining the stability and security of it. When we build a website we host them to ensure they are backed up, kept safe and more importantly kept online for 99.99% of the time. Whether you are a ‘one man band‘ or a large organisation or corporation you NEED solid hosting and support but the investment is well worth it.

Branding, Logos & Design

There are two sides to creating a website. Web design and Web development, these are two separate services which are often confused by definition, but that’s ok – I will explain: When undergoing a new web project the price is often dictated by what is involved – going back to the ‘building a house’ analogy if you where to have a house built from the ground up you would need the builders and labourers to get the shell of the house up and ready (Web Development) once complete the decorators need to come in and make it looks smart inside (Web Designers). The same applies to what we do. This all takes time and as much as we love what we do we also need to be paid so we can eat and do all of those basic human things despite us being sat in a cave for the most part.

To summarise, until we know what it is you are looking for there isn’t a ‘one fits all solution’ if you do consider those one stop options like “Have a website for only £99 and free hosting for a year” then really think about your buying decision before you make that choice as it looks like a cheap option but it WILL cost you in the long run by either being stuck in a long term contract and more importantly not reflecting your brand or product in the right light. Have a chat with the pros like us and you might be surprised, we are just like any other industry looking to make a living, so don’t be scared come and chat to us today for your next big idea!

Call us on 01604 385064 or email us at and we would love to chat with you – it is always an excuse to go grab a coffee too!

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