Drugs in Tech. Worth Dying For?

25th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

Hello, summer.

To get ahead in business, especially tech, people are using different ways of coping. Mediation, good diet, exercise or maybe drugs. Everyone knows we're currently enjoying a heat wave in the UK... regardless of whether you're loving or hating it. Everyone is still expected to keep up the same pace of work.

Who wants to be smarter?

This may be no secret to many of you, the popularity of the drug Methylphenidate (aka. Ritalin) has risen. Normally used to treat ADHD. this drug is said to sharpen the mind. This of course, helps you finish tasks quicker and more efficiently. A documentary was recently aired on Channel 4, allowing the presenter to take part in a small trial. After taking the drug he performed the same memory tasks 25% better than before. For me, this sparked up ideas of the movie Limitless. Could I have the opportunity to unlock more parts of my brain or in turn be smarter? Insomnia

So what are the risks?

Like the movie, proceed with caution. Everything comes with a price. There are many nasty side effects to this drug. Anxiety and insomnia being two of the biggest culprits. For many working with computers and high pressure jobs, these are usually already part of their daily life. So it seems slightly mad to risk suffering more...no matter how much the drug could further your career.

Getting ahead of the game.

For myself, I always try not to judge others and how they choose to cope. But try to keep in mind the people who surround you. Taking a drug occasionally to get through that one important meeting, could easily lead to a daily habit. So when you finally drop and withdraw (which you will!) who is left to pick up the pieces?

...and breathe.

Most of the time it is best to just go back to basics. Look after yourself, take time away from the screen. Socialise when you can, reflect on your life and what your goals are and how to reach them. Remember to put your health (especially mental) first. No amount of drugs can improve your mind in the long term, and no nothing beats a good nights sleep. Breath