Does Branding Cost a Lot of Money?

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Whether your company is still in its startup stage or it has already reached the peak of its industry, it’s imperative that you never stop growing your brand. By creating a strong brand for your company, you will find it much easier to build customer recognition, you’ll maintain a competitive edge in your market, and you’ll enhance your reputation as a credible and trustworthy provider of services.

The way in which you build and position your brand will have a direct impact on the number of customers that you draw. Ultimately, this will affect the amount of profit that you turnover, which is why it is essential that you devote a lot of time, effort, and money to the task of branding your business.

Worried that the upfront cost of branding will stop you from performing this all-important task? To uncover the true cost of branding in today’s climate, be sure to read on.

Cost of market research

Before you start building your business’s brand, it’s essential that you perform some market research. Studying your competition will allow you to: 

  • Spot gaps in your market
  • See what branding styles have and haven’t resonated with your target audience in the past
  • Create relevant promotional material

The amount that you spend on studying your market depends on the depths that you wish to go with your research. If you just want to uncover certain social media trends, you could probably get away with asking one of your employees to spend an afternoon surfing the web. If you want to find out more about the search habits of your target audience, however, then you’re going to have to spend big on an SEO audit. In this particular instance, you should expect to spend at least £1,000.

Cost of logo design

Your logo is the focal point of your brand. It is what consumers recognise most about your business, which is why you must pull out all the stops when creating it. 

If your logo is to represent your brand in the best way possible, it must be professional, intuitive, and engaging. Unfortunately, if you’re to ensure that your logo meets these requirements, you’re going to have to spend big. Should you align yourself with an expert logo design agency, you can bank on paying £1000 at the very least.

Cost of an editorial style guide

Your marketing message is the driving force behind your brand. To ensure that you use the right tone of voice when you spread this message and interact with your audience, you have to invest in an editorial style guide. You can expect to pay in excess of £4,000 in this instance, simply because that’s how much it costs to avoid disastrous communication issues.

Your brand is the foundation of your business, which means that you shouldn’t cut corners with regard to it. If this means spending big to ensure that it is as effective as it can possibly be, then so be it.

Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Alice Hill

Dan at NR Creative is helpful, creative and super efficient! He is passionate about his work & clearing really enjoys working on the projects he takes on.

kieran Hanrahan

Dan at NR Creative went above and beyond to deliver what we wanted. He took our vision and made our website into a better product than we could of imagined. His passion to deliver what the customer wants was fantastic.

Abigail Taylor

Dan has been excellent! Can't fault the service - it's a process that has taken a significant amount of time because I'm so busy and couldn't dedicate time to it but NRCreativeMarketing are so patient, nothing is too much trouble and even though I have constantly been emailing them little niggles, they never get tired or grumpy - just happy to help. The reasonable pricing and eco attitude are great reasons alone but I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan to create my website.
I finally have an online presence that I can be proud of, shows off my business and features all the handy things to make it totally user friendly. Hands down, I would reccomend Dan and his team!

Medical Aid International

Dan and his team have worked absolute miracles for us in such a short amount of time. They transformed our Biomedical Training Programme and have been beyond helpful and efficient. They have put our minds at ease knowing that whatever project we have coming up next, we can rely on them to make everything look and work brilliantly.

Dan Yeomans

Dan runs a very professional service. He is attentive, hard working and has paid attention to detail through the process of building the website. As I have little or no IT experience, Dan has been able to ensure I understand how to maintain and upkeep our new website, as well as being patient with me along the way. We now have an excellent, interactive website, many thanks.

I'd thoroughly recommend his services.

Karina Scott

I worked with NRCM to create my new logo and social images. Hollie is a fabulous designer who understood my vision from the outset. The team are friendly, responsive and efficient. Would definitely work with them again in the future!