Your Culture is your Brand

9th July 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

Inspired by an Instagram post published by the guys over at Hubspot this had us thinking about how we positioned our own brand based on the personalities and culture of the people involved above anything else.

From the get-go

From inception the intention was to make sure that whatever we do for ourselves transfers into the work we do for our clients, so all the same blood, sweat, and tears are injected to whatever project we are tackling regardless of the scale. So when working with clients we want them to feel we are an extension of their organisation - they hired us to do a specific task; whether it be a new website, marketing or design it is extremely important that as a brand and culture that we all fit together like Lego bricks to ensure that the job is delivered to the highest standards.

Not everyone likes Marmite right?

It is very easy to get absorbed into 'thinking' that because we love our own brand that others will too but that isn't always the case and in actual fact is a massive oversight. The important thing is to ensure your culture is right before anything else from the offset and this will not only lead the brand, design, marketing and everything else in between will impact relationships with the clients you choose to work with and also those that choose you over anyone else - usually because they are impressed by your ethos or way of thinking instead of the impressive back catalog of work you can present to them.

The impact of Culture on Branding

The single biggest thing about brands is obviously being consistent but consistently deliver to the highest standard. This all boils back down to your culture, how you treat your staff, your peers and co-workers. Making extra efforts to celebrate victories and also reflect and review in defeat (Yes, we all fail from time-to-time). So if you get it right in-house and set a strong, well thought out culture this will speak volumes in your space.