Case Study

Women In Content – Virtual Breakfast

Case Study

Client: The CMA
Service: Virtual Event Branding
Launched: April 29th, 2020

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The Summary

The CMA (Content Marketing Association) run several Content Breakfasts throughout the year addressing and exploring different subjects, with a panel of industry experts.

The ‘Women in Content Virtual Online Breakfast’ hosts a panel of female content marketing professionals, celebrating women in content, sharing helpful tips and discussing the issues faced within the industry. The breakfast is aimed at content enthusiasts and anyone looking for advice for their content marketing strategy.

The Summary

The CMA asked us to create a branded package including a logo, social media banners and social media posts aimed at promoting the event. The designs needed to reflect the event but also be in-keeping with their company’s current branding guidelines.

The Hurdles

The only hurdles we encountered throughout the process was figuring out how to incorporate a large amount of content and imagery within the Instagram social media posts, as these are relatively small visuals.

Alongside the client, we decided on multiple slides for each posts would be the best way to share the content. With a rolling design that ties the slides together.

The Process

We began the design process by scoping out imagery, colours and typography that would meet the requirements alongside our standard initial research. We selected a collection of women based imagery including technology. As this was a remote event, it needed a working from home feel rather than communal office based.

We chose to use purple as the predominate colour in the design alongside white. After our initial research we discovered it is the recognised colour of women worldwide. We wanted to keep the typography contemporary and clear which wouldn’t detracted away from the text and imagery.

For the logo design, we created variations of the original bubble shape of the company’s logo, overlaid with the text in different dimensions and offsets of colour for the client to choose from. The final logo was created in 2 colour ways with transparent text, so it could be layered over different areas in the designs.

The social media banners and social media posts followed the same branding created for the event and incorporated a small amount of text, we created an initial design and adjusted this for each of the social platforms.

Lastly, for Instagram the client required a set of 3 posts that all tied together visually and carried through the same visual branding as the social banners. As mentioned, these posts need to display a large amount of text and image content, so we created multiple posts with slides to clearly display this.

The Outcome

We delivered a cohesive package of logos, banners and social media post designs which the client have successfully used to share their event.

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