The story of the Naughty Robot.


Years ago, a little toy robot lived in Dan’s home office. His daughter, only a toddler at the time, was quite wary of this innocent little toy. Dan would often switch it on, hoping his daughter would grow to love the Robot. Instead, she would sternly say “No! Naughty Robot!”. An idea slowly grew from his daughter’s words, Dan wrote ‘NAUGHTY ROBOT’ on the office whiteboard, looking at the words and the little Robot day after day.


An idea was born…


In early 2018, Dan and Hollie started a full-service creative agency called the Naughty Robot Studios Limited. Dan is a self-taught web designer and developer, with over 10 years experience in the industry. Also having worked in established and well-known companies, Dan knows web development like the back of his hand.


Hollie’s background is based in both traditional and digital design, with a degree In Fashion Communication, specialising in illustration. Together they discovered a new market, supporting small and start-up businesses.


In 2018 NR Creative Marketing was born.


Dan and Hollie both have a shared love for the weird and wonderful. They’re inspired by the drive and passion of small and start-up businesses, they provide a unique design with a sleek build & expert SEO. Giving their clients the edge they need to grow in their respective industries.


Dan and Hollie love seeing their clients succeed, they grew up surrounded by small business success. Learning early on the power of word of mouth from their mum. Having her own small businesses in childcare and cleaning, they learned compassion and the importance of understanding the clients’ needs.


Contemporary and sustainable design.


NR Creative love working with other businesses that have a focus on morals, being sustainable in their products and respect for their people. NR’s products reflect the future, designs that are slick and websites that just work but also user-friendly. NR want clients to understand the importance of not only design but SEO and how it can improve their business. Their aim is to help clients understand the jargon that surrounds the web industry, and build trust by becoming true digital partners.


NR Creative truly believe that when a client and the team are happy, then everything works better.




As a future thinking business, Dan and Hollie take sustainability seriously. NR is a paperless company, aiming to work with ethical businesses and also advising clients on how they can reduce their waste and in turn reduce loss of profits.


NR Marketing believe in giving back and supporting their local community. we are currently working with a charity focused on cleaning our oceans of plastic. The charity couldn’t afford to use the money they had raised to pay a marketing agency, so we offered to help by building a website to promote all the good work they do.