5 Simple SEO tips anybody can do (2018)

19th August 2018 | Published by Hollie Barrett

SEO isn't some dark art that only us digital marketers know. It is just a mechanism to enable anybody or any business to publicise their website across the web. Some of the tips outlined today are more than enough to kick-start your SEO journey and certainly begin to start ranking above your competitors in no time at all.  

Google Business Listing

It is super easy to submit your business to Google business listings. It not only looks great and installs trust in users when they see it show when they search for your business but it also will help your SEO. It is really important that you fill in as much of the information they ask for as possible and ensure that it matches up with your websites & social accounts as collectively they will all play part in optimising your search visibility.

Contact Details

Having contact details on your website or social accounts is a no-brainer. The important thing is making sure you have your telephone number(s), email address(s) and social accounts listed on your website and any other social accounts you use to promote your business. As mentioned before try and keep all of this consistent and also up to date.

Fresh Content

It's no secret anymore that Google loves fresh content. Blogging is a great way to not only keep adding fresh content for Google to see but for your users too. As a user, a mega easy way to keep them coming back for me is talking about your niche or specialism. If your current website does not have the option to blog I would seriously consider contacting your current web agency or if you need us we would love to work with you.

Social Accounts

Make sure you have an account on each of the social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...) so you can share out your fresh new content to each one. This increases your business's visibility, and if your content is good it will then get shared out to plenty of people interested in seeing this content. and in turn hopefully opening up new leads!

SSL Certificates

This one is a little tricky if you're not too involved in any of the development of your website, but I would really encourage your website supplier to get this installed for you. Why? Google puts up a real striking message now before you enter non-ssl websites warning users that they may not be safe! So this will really put off the potential new user and existing users visiting your website and causing them to stay away.

Next steps

If you are unsure on any of the tips & tricks have detailed today feel free to contact us or call on 01604 385064 for a no-obligation consultation as we are all about making the web not only a better place but a level playing field for everyone involved.